Top picnic kanthas


A blissful combination of tartan (plaid) fabrics perfectly complementary, with an abundance of well-placed patches. Extremely tight stitching lends this kantha a uniquely suitable quality for use as a picnic rug.


The wonderful personality of Farrita really shines – and at it’s best outdoors. The Gemini-style split-personality gives you more to work with, whatever the mood! Such a bright and happy quilt:)


This one is very happy outdoors – with it’s not-so-perfect shape, it’s ideal for a grassy knoll, field, garden or park:) Think: complementary colours to the green of the grass, so it really stands out;)


Nicely thick and rustic to the touch, this throw can definitely handle the conditions of a picnic. It’s a little subtle, so as not to distract too much, happily being part of the background and setting the mood for a more sophisticated style…


Nina’s heavy weight, thickness and bright colours lends itself to the picnic atmosphere 100%. Ready to be thrown down on the grass for instant fun, vibrance and definitely the centre of conversation!


Holly would love to be part of your festive Christmas celebrations. Whether she’s used on the table or floor for a Christmas picnic for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, those colours and prints just yell FESTIVE!! Being a little on the smaller side, you might want to combine her with some of her friends – the more the merrier, right?!


Meadow would also suit the festive season – just look at that print in olive greens, reds and white of this floral quilt cover. However, she’s the nonchalant, chilled type, so whatever goes, really! She’s nice and thick and would love to be close to nature, as her colours do inform… Hence our suggestion for picnicking:)

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