NALINI is a gorgeous extra soft kantha blanket, made from layers of vintage cotton saree, lovingly hand-stitched in India. The beautiful softness of this blanket or throw is not only attributed to the vintage saree fabric used, but also in the colour scheme of the quilt, which has an ethereal quality. A soft palette with soft print on the purple paisley side, a slightly stronger visual language on the reverse, somewhat contrasting the other, with brighter, yet still subdued prints. We love how this kantha shows such a personality!

One of our softest and lightest kantha blankets.

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This light weight kantha embroidered patchwork quilt is full of character and charm. An eclectic combination of vintage saree fabric patchworked together to form a unique hippie Indian tapestry of blues, yellows, oranges and pinks.

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SIENNA is a tapestry of wonderful warm red & orange waves within an intricate textile print. We fell in love with the varying degrees of hues that have naturally become lighter in some parts, and deeper in others, due to the beautiful vintage saree fabric.

She is an excellent example of a light weight kantha throw – useful in a multitude of ways such as a couch throw for added colour and brightness, hung over the back of a chair in the kitchen, or even a tablecloth. This happy bright throw will lighten every space.

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Ohh NAAHIL, one of my personal favourites. Beautifully constructed, with a perfect weight suitable for all seasons, and a lovely soft ripply texture throughout, typical of a good kantha quilt.

NAAHIL’s gentle humbleness, reserved nature & careful consideration is spliced together with roaring passion on the reverse side.

The multiple layers of vintage saree fabric, that are completely hand-stitched to create this type of reversible quilt or throw known as “kantha” are always unique one-of-a-kind. This is the art of sustainable quilts from India.

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Rich hues of pumpkin orange and warm purple are a delightful combination of this Indian kantha quilt. A modern style kantha, in tartan vintage saree fabric made by artisans of India, constructed with thousands of tiny stitches is ideal for bedding. This Indian cotton bedspread is of mid- to heavy- weight, strong construction with coloured thread.

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AASHNI’s wonderful combination of soft cotton vintage saree fabric of purple, pink and green, with white and coloured thread in yellow make this light weight kantha a lovely addition to a room – very easy on the eye and easily matched to other decor with it’s simplicity, if you want to add some colour and hippie Indian vibe to a space.

This cotton throw is great as a bed blanket or throw, or for the couch or hippie Indian tapestry for the wall.

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