Sandrine.. I have adored the French name since I first heard it (but only when properly spoken by the French – don’t let it get obscured by ugly English pronunciation!). I thought it fitting to name this one Sandrine – dreamy, delicate, elegant with a touch of history. The layers showing through on the sky blue side of this quilt show the pre-loved wear which transforms into a one-of-a-kind artwork, never to be repeated. This kind of wear effect I refer to as “disintegration” – the top layer of saree has worn enough to show the layer underneath (that wouldn’t usually be revealed). Isn’t it wonderful?

Sandrine is butter soft – a rare quality only a few of my kanthas have held. She would fit in perfectly in a cottage setting or French countryside chateau, slung over an old chair ready to be used as a blanket or tablecloth.

Sandrine can be purchased here

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  1. Wow! I have taken a small interest in quilts recently, but my eyes are open to so much more about them since visiting your site. Your way of describing Sandrine is remarkable. I just watched as she experienced in what I believe to be many years, but in just a few seconds for me.

    How do you correctly pronounce that name though?
    How old is the quilt?

    1. Thanks Ramon:)

      Sandrine – pronounce SUN-DR-YN.

      I believe it to be from the 1950s, although it’s difficult to tell with kantha quilts. There are two ways they are classified as vintage – 1) made more than 30 years ago; 2) made from vintage fabrics, more recently.

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