AUTUMN is definitely one of our favourites at The Kantha Project. With the most romantic, earthy hues – rich and vibrant, yet elegant and subtle. This is part of the reason we are mad about kanthas here – the way they can have so many opposing characters, colours and vibes, yet work so harmoniously with each stitch and patch, pushing every boundary. We love the way they are so organic, so real, so free.

AUTUMN has ornate saree embroidery in rainbow thread, combined with a unique dye variation and a very sophisticated colour palette of mulled wine, rose, burnt sienna, ochre and khaki.

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  1. Hi, I really liked looking through your website, I have never heard of the Kantha before now. They almost look to good to be used as a picnic blanket. I especially like the look of the quilt covers in the Autumn. Are these hand made? Are the quilt covers a little bit thicker than the picnic blankets or are they the same? Thanks again. Joanne

    1. Thanks Joanne. Some would say that, but I believe they should be used everywhere for everything (ha)! Although some are tougher than others – for example the thicker/heavier ones will definitely be able to handle some grass.

      Yes, they are all 100% handmade in India.

      Well, yes and no – I like to keep it open, as they are multi-purpose. The lighter ones can be less suitable for picnics, but since they are all unique, there is no solid rule.

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