Indigo Collection launch

The Kantha Project has just launched its newest Indigo Collection!
This carefully selected range of vintage Indian kantha quilts and throws consists of just six exclusive kanthas in indigo over-dye.

These are not your average indigo kantha –
The indigo dye is dipped or printed over the original cotton saree cloth of the vintage quilt, creating a kaleidoscopic effect of motifs and patterns over existing patterns. The varied blue shades are also unique to the vintage indigo kantha. The methods and materials used to create these whimsical textiles are recycled, contributing to less waste and more re-use, resulting in an eco product.

These wonderfully dreamy quilts, in an assortment of blue shades are a new way to appreciate the kantha quilt movement. Each one is special – a one of a kind piece!

View the full collection here: Indigo Collection


Saree embroidered textiles like these are ideal as cotton quilt bedding, beach throw blankets or creative home decor – for anything from curtains, tablecloths, wall tapestries, even rugs.











The unique combination of colour – peach, chartreuse, ochre, pastel pink – takes this kantha stitch saree floral quilt cover to another level.

Soft cotton throws from India are a great way to spice up a room – and interestingly, spice is sometimes used for the colour of the quilts! See more of the uses of turmeric as a natural fabric dye here.

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A world away, dreaming of a gypsy caravan full of world textiles and the vastness of the desert outside…

SHARMA’s charming colour scheme of both warm and cool tones, red stitching detail and dreamy textile print reminiscent of the desert sands, bring out the exotic Eastern background of this Indian kantha quilt and its rich history.

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