Indigo Collection launch

The Kantha Project has just launched its newest Indigo Collection!
This carefully selected range of vintage Indian kantha quilts and throws consists of just six exclusive kanthas in indigo over-dye.

These are not your average indigo kantha –
The indigo dye is dipped or printed over the original cotton saree cloth of the vintage quilt, creating a kaleidoscopic effect of motifs and patterns over existing patterns. The varied blue shades are also unique to the vintage indigo kantha. The methods and materials used to create these whimsical textiles are recycled, contributing to less waste and more re-use, resulting in an eco product.

These wonderfully dreamy quilts, in an assortment of blue shades are a new way to appreciate the kantha quilt movement. Each one is special – a one of a kind piece!

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Saree embroidered textiles like these are ideal as cotton quilt bedding, beach throw blankets or creative home decor – for anything from curtains, tablecloths, wall tapestries, even rugs.











The dreamy waves in bright cyan blues, the ethereal quality of the opposite side – reminiscent of the tranquil but never still waters of a river – with reflections of the trees and sky, highlighted by bright rays of sun being refracted along the surface…

This mystical quilt made of layers of cotton saree and all-over kantha stitch hand embroidery allow you to dream; to fall into a lovely magical world amongst nature.

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Indigo dye quilts should be washed separately, as dye may run.


Azure, like the sky on a clear day, like the crisp icy cold water from a mountain stream, a sparkling lagoon… This indigo kantha quilt is magical ~ with a completely unexpected reverse side of bright red, overlapping the blues and previous prints. What a wonderful, exciting kantha throw! Be quick, each kantha from The Kantha Project is unique, a one-of-a-kind handmade item.

Indigo dye quilts should be washed separately, as dye may run.

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RAYNE is a wonderful reversible vintage quilt made in India from repurposed cotton sarees, then dipped into indigo dye creating a unique effect of pattern overlay. Known as kantha quilts, these recycled eco quilts are not only an excellent way of saving material, but are each a unique handmade vintage work of art! The indigo kantha is a special kind of kantha throw – more of a rarity and each one is completely unique!

Rayne especially has its own charm – the combination of red and blues, including red stitching, really brings out the contrasting features of this quilt.

Indigo dye quilts should be washed separately, as dye may run.

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SAPPHIRE has a wonderful textural quality and a nice heavy weight, making it great for a picnic rug – even though these kanthas are handmade and vintage, they can be quite durable. The thousands of tiny stitches across the entire surface make for a tough structure and are also easy to care for (see our post on Caring for your Kantha here).

The intricate design and rich colours of Sapphire, the indigo kantha quilt are really amazing!

All our quilts are individually selected – we spend time choosing the most beautiful kantha quilts, throws and blankets to bring you a whole shop filled with the most special kantha items. We hope you enjoy our selection.

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Indigo dye quilts should be washed separately, as dye may run.


The rippled & swirled, patterned blue in every shade, overlapping prints with reflections from above and shadows beneath, like the sea, glistening with the sun’s rays and soft waves. There are ripples, droplets, reflections, shadows – the beautiful unknown. We adore the floral motifs embroidered onto the surface with gold thread – just like sea anemones! This indigo kantha embroidered patchwork quilt has a rich depth in colour, pattern and texture – truly a work of art, a rare piece which is vintage and one of a kind.

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Indigo dye quilts should be washed separately, as dye may run.


CLOVER is always ready for a picnic amongst the clover fields… With such beautiful floral elements and gold saree detail, this one wins your heart. The perfectly complex flavours of patchwork contrast each other well – almost clashing, yet beautifully combined.

This floral quilt cover has a nice weight to it, with the patchwork, construction and design making it a truly unique cotton quilt bedding for the bohemian home.

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