NEW! Indian Cotton Saree Kantha Scarves

We are excited here at O&M HQ about our upcoming range of beautiful handmade kantha scarves. Made in India from brightly coloured cotton saree cloth, handcrafted with the all-over kantha stitch, they are the perfect unique gift.

For the free-spirit, bohemian, dreamer, gypsy, hippie earth child… The light-weight kantha scarf is made of two layers of 100% cotton saree fabric, stitched together using the beautiful and functional kantha stitch, creating a double-sided 2-in-1 scarf of two varying saree prints. Due to the construction and dimensions, like many kantha products, the kantha scarf is so versatile as it can be used in many different ways:

We have found it to be a great head scarf or head wrap, shawl, sarong, wrap top and even a table runner!

Ah! They are so worldly and wonderful! Stay tuned.

UPDATE: These are now available at The Kantha Project shop.

Indigo Collection launch

The Kantha Project has just launched its newest Indigo Collection!
This carefully selected range of vintage Indian kantha quilts and throws consists of just six exclusive kanthas in indigo over-dye.

These are not your average indigo kantha –
The indigo dye is dipped or printed over the original cotton saree cloth of the vintage quilt, creating a kaleidoscopic effect of motifs and patterns over existing patterns. The varied blue shades are also unique to the vintage indigo kantha. The methods and materials used to create these whimsical textiles are recycled, contributing to less waste and more re-use, resulting in an eco product.

These wonderfully dreamy quilts, in an assortment of blue shades are a new way to appreciate the kantha quilt movement. Each one is special – a one of a kind piece!

View the full collection here: Indigo Collection


Saree embroidered textiles like these are ideal as cotton quilt bedding, beach throw blankets or creative home decor – for anything from curtains, tablecloths, wall tapestries, even rugs.











DEVANI is a lovely Indian kantha quilt made from repurposed cotton saree cloth, with a bright but sophisticated print. This kantha is well-sized – will fit on a double or queen bed – and has a beautiful aesthetic – dreamy waves of texture, bright colours and perfect weight for a bedspread. We especially love the silvery-gold on the burgundy side of the quilt – adding a special elegance.

DEVANI is available for purchase here.


KORA has a beautiful understated nature – she may be bright, but she doesn’t take over ~ happy being matched with other similar decor ~ Eastern prints, vintage florals, Indian, even a Hawaiian 1970s vibe. The gorgeous floral vintage print, in varying scale and varying shades of red are a dreamy combination.

This wonderful light weight kantha is perfect as a throw for the couch or bed, made from cotton saree cloth, and great with other summer lightweight throws.

Available at The Kantha Project on its own or in a Kantha Pack, here