Patches & Patchwork

Kantha quilts (a type of traditional embroidered patchwork quilt from India) have become popular within interior design communities, home decor retail & home decorators for their effortless ‘bohemian’ look. They are excellent for rustic queen bedding, floral quilt cover, hippie Indian tapestry, beach throw blanket, cotton sofa throw and even kantha cushion covers. Originating from India and naturally made from… Continue reading →


NEW! Indian Cotton Saree Kantha Scarves

We are excited here at O&M HQ about our upcoming range of beautiful handmade kantha scarves. Made in India from brightly coloured cotton saree cloth, handcrafted with the all-over kantha stitch, they are the perfect unique gift. For the free-spirit, bohemian, dreamer, gypsy, hippie earth child… The light-weight kantha scarf is made of two layers of… Continue reading →


Indigo Collection launch

The Kantha Project has just launched its newest Indigo Collection! This carefully selected range of vintage Indian kantha quilts and throws consists of just six exclusive kanthas in indigo over-dye. These are not your average indigo kantha – The indigo dye is dipped or printed over the original cotton saree cloth of the vintage quilt, creating a kaleidoscopic effect of… Continue reading →


How to care for your kantha

Strengthened by the reinforcement of the running ‘kantha’ stitch, kantha quilts are generally easy to care for. They are made from layers of mostly cotton sarees and are machine-washable. Follow these guidelines for machine washing: Use a mild detergent (eco-friendly, cruelty-free work best) Cycle: delicate/hand wash, normal or blanket setting Temperature: cold to 30°C (max.)… Continue reading →


Top picnic kanthas

hari A blissful combination of tartan (plaid) fabrics perfectly complementary, with an abundance of well-placed patches. Extremely tight stitching lends this kantha a uniquely suitable quality for use as a picnic rug. farrita The wonderful personality of Farrita really shines – and at it’s best outdoors. The Gemini-style split-personality gives you more to work with,… Continue reading →


Eco quilts: Kind to the planet, many times over

Vintage, handmade and often containing natural Indian dyes (such as turmeric), kanthas are one of the most eco-friendly, cruelty-free & sustainable quilts available. Vintage kantha quilts are either; made over 30 years ago; or made recently with vintage fabrics. New kantha quilts are made from new fabric, recently. Here, we are passionate about the vintage kantha throw… Continue reading →


A Kantha Guide for Shoppers

Since Indian kantha quilts can be rather varied in their qualities, I thought it be helpful to go through the different types (oh that’s right, there isn’t just one) to get you familiar with and determine best use and suitability. Whether you’re in the market or just fascinated by the beautiful craft, this may be something you have not… Continue reading →


Top festival kanthas

Kanthas (saree embroidered textiles) are incredibly versatile, which makes them ideal for festivals. Have an unforgettable time all day and night outdoors, immersed in nature and music, camping under the stars and generally being wild and free! Deck out your tent with vintage print kantha cotton blanket throws for an instantly homely, bright and happy hippie vibe!… Continue reading →


Another 8 awesome uses for your kantha quilt

  So we’ve covered the most common uses for kantha quilts India – if you haven’t yet read our previous post “Top 5 uses for Kantha quilts” this may be a better introduction. Thought the wonderful colourful kantha was reserved only for the home? You were oh so wrong! Read below for some awesome uses you probably… Continue reading →


Top bed kantha quilts

Kanthas are ideal for bedding – as a quilt, coverlet, bedspread, bed throw, blanket… The multiple layers of cotton make for excellent Indian cotton bedding, naturally insulative without the need for any synthetic wadding. Being vintage, handmade and often made using natural Indian dyes (such as turmeric), they are one of the most eco-friendly, cruelty-free… Continue reading →



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